Gatserelia Design, founded by Gregory and Alexander Gatserelia, is an international team of architects, designers, landscape architects and consultants.

The company has gained a well-reputable stature in the world of Design, drawing on excessive research and practice and adopting a holistic philosophy geared towards functionality, cost effectiveness, sustainability and a good understanding of the needs of space.

Within the collective spirit of interdisciplinary teamwork, inductive designs are generated – aiming for more clarity than complexity, more functionality than symbolism and more discovery than consumption.

Driven by fascination in the material and passion for high-standard brain practice, numerous innovations come to life; from the concrete surrounding to an abstract environment, surreal, heightened-sensational reactions are created.
Through a smooth review of the evident, a research is conducted within the simple material to bring out its complexity in effects rather than in the material itself.

Adhering to a non-compromising approach to design and business, we achieve innovation and client satisfaction.